Booty Quest is a TIGA Award-winning live game for Android, iOS, and Amazon. Story-wise, it’s a fun and whimsical pirate adventure.

My responsibilities centered around designing the narrative and writing dialogue. We, the team, decided the location and general theme for each new World, which I then translated into a narrative design and eventually dialogue.

When I joined the team, the game was still in its early stages. While the characters and general story had already been decided, they existed only in basic form, allowing me to flesh them out. Since then, both the story and the game itself have seen multiple revisions.

Unlike Mystery Match, the story is not the main focus, so the limits regarding scene and word count were stricter. Nevertheless, the narrative is important as it informs the look and feel of each game update (and sometimes gameplay elements). To get an idea how a World looks, check out the video below (vertical video available here).