Butterfly Park was one of the four games I worked on for Keesing Games/Zigiz. In this fun time-management game, the player is put in charge of managing a butterfly garden. Assisted by park manager Wilco,  she needs to strategically position and maintain flower beds, keep visitors entertained with pretty butterflies, and complete specific level objectives to unlock new parks.

This was a fun project for me, as I was allowed a lot of freedom with Wilco as a character. Despite Butterfly Park’s limited amount of dialogue, I managed to give him personality through his lines. He helps the player out, but his constant comments about tax reduction, the price of flowers, and visitors who won’t pay the entry fee make him more than just a generic information supplier. Besides that, I worked on texts for tutorials, help files, slogans, descriptions, interface elements, etc. All of these texts were written for the Dutch version of the game.

  • Project Type: Online game
  • Status: Completed
  • Client: Keesing Games
  • Role: Copywriter