Mystery Match is a live game for Android and iOS. It’s a pulpy, slightly alternate history detective/adventure story in the vein of Indiana Jones or Uncharted. The game focuses on narrative in a way that is uncommon in the Match-3 genre. The follow-up, Mystery Match Village, reimagines and improves upon it.

As its narrative designer, my responsibilities spanned the entire narrative pipeline. I designed the story lines and characters (both of which inform map art design, character art design, etc.) and I wrote all the dialogue. I also supplied dialogue and text for game events and the Case Notes (a feature that allows players to track and replay the story).

The video above is a highlight video centered around a single character (vertical video available here). The video below is of the game’s opening (vertical video available here):

(Case 2 – 15 were written by the previous writer. I wrote Case 16 and upwards, as well as a new version of Case 1.)