About me

As a narrative designer, I’m fluent in all facets of storytelling. Building worlds, creating vivid characters, writing intriguing dialogue, implementing it all in-engine – I work the entire narrative pipeline. My experience runs the gamut from original concepts to well-known IPs such as Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot.

Working in a team is my preferred environment. While I’m not a programmer or artist, I can think and speak like one, allowing me to translate ideas across departments. If there’s an element of the work I’m not experienced with, I’ll be eager to learn it. I dedicate myself to my job and see things through all the way.

While I focus on narrative design for video games, I also do copywriting, game design and quest design, and I lecture at university.

Want to get in contact? Mail at me [at] storyspecialist.com!

Resume and things

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