As a narrative designer, I’m fluent in all facets of storytelling, from creating the high-level concept and building the world to writing vivid characters and intriguing dialogue. Whether a casual game or big budget title: a good narrative design can take your game to the next level. Having a storyteller on your team is just smart business.

While narrative design is my focus, I also move in adjacent fields:

– When it comes to game and quest design, I construct immersive mechanics centered around fun. Technical experience includes game engines such as Unity 3D and Creation Kit, an essential understanding of object-oriented programming, and the Adobe and Microsoft Office software suites.
– As a (copy)writer, I deliver professional texts that grab attention, convey the right message, and persuade the reader.
– I teach a set of courses called Game Analysis, where students look at how games deliver immersive experiences and how they can employ those techniques for their own projects.

I work very well in a team. I might not be a programmer or artist, but I can think and speak like one, allowing me to translate ideas across departments. If there’s an element of the work I’m not experienced with, I’ll be eager to master it. I dedicate myself to my job and see things through all the way.

I’m available on a freelance basis or in a more permanent capacity. Don’t miss the opportunity: Let’s have a chat. Mail at me [at]!